The essence of a fulfilled life

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Love eating a greasy burger from your favourite fast food chain, feeling bloated and constipated afterwards? 

Watching mindless crap on your TV for hours? 

Talking to people that get on your last nerve every day, making small-talk just for the sake of it?

Going for another shopping spree sucked the last bit of energy right out of you? Your new stuff still has its price tag attached to it, lying on the floor in your closet?

I don`t do that anymore! Just quit it cold turkey, like a bad addiction.

Simply put: They are on my Not-To-Do-List. Because I ain`t getting anything good out of it. So for my own peace of mind and my sanity I cut that crap out of my life for good. 

In all fairness, I love eating homemade soulfood. A meaningful conversation with witty people delights me. I really enjoy watching a good documentary once in a while. It`s not my goal to live like an ascetic or a monk, although I definitely admire their willpower. 

Since I realized that those behaviors and interactions have a deeply negative effect on my whole life I just quit. I quit because ultimately they hinder my personal groth and development.

It not only affected my own well-being but in hindsight the well-being of my surroundings, too.

To get to that point you need to understand first, which behaviors and interactions are not serving your personal growth. Secondly you have to observe yourself and the people you are in contact with. Finally discern toxic relationships, self-destructive mechanisms and actions. 

And then cut them out of your life. 

Stop using them as a crutch and start living your best life.

To clarify one thing: It won`be easy. Above all you will need a lot of willpower and the ability to reflect on yourself. Sometimes you will fail. Yes, you will fail and that`s okay. As long as you acknowledge your failure and try to learn from it everything will be fine. “Rome wasn`t build in one day”, we all know that saying. So give yourself some time to adapt to the changes in your life. 

The most important thing is to start with your behavioral changes as soon as possible. Take baby steps and start with something small. Then take the next step and the next one and soon you will realize how big your progress has become.

The reward you`ll get out of it will be tremendous. 

You won`t believe how much stuff you just accepted in your life until you stop accepting it. In the end you will gain so much clarity, happiness and inner freedom.

As a result all those mind-numbing and meaningless pseudo-conversations with co-workers and neighbors will be non-existent. Changing your diet by cutting out your daily fast food consumption will definitely delight your wallet. Consequently it will also make you feel so much better. In the end you`ll have more energy, less headaches and hence be in a better mood. I know what I am talking about because I went through all of that.

I gained so much more peace of mind and my capacity to be creative increased exponentially. This resulted in finally starting my own blog  and creating more content on social media. You can read more about the blog topic here

So why don`t you start to cut something out of your life that steals your freedom and inner peace? Right here, right now!

Don`t know where to start but you really want to turn your life around? You want to start eating healthier, cutting the toxic crap out of your life and your mind? Just send me a message, together we will make those long desired changes a reality.

Stay wild -stay gold

Photo by Maria Gulyaeva from Pexels

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