Freedom is the soundtrack of your soul

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We all work so relentlessly on perfecting our bodies and strive for intellectual knowledge. You have to always look perfectly put together. Athletic, toned and forever youthful in our appearance. Sharpened mind, full of important facts, always updated with the news in politics, business and social events. Bigger, better, always one step ahead of everybody else.

I am a firm believer of physical health and love to read and learn new things. I definitely am but what about our souls and our mental and emotional well-being? What about our own freedom, our peace of mind? Isn’t that as vital as our physique and intellect? Maybe even more.

In this world it seems as if your appearance, material wealth and your social status is so much more important than being kind, humble and generous.

I want you to take a moment and think about it.

Is driving an expensive, shiny new car more rewarding than helping out your neighbors? Is dressing up in the newest designer collection more satisfying than meeting up with friends. Does going to a nightclub, spending your money on booze make you feel better than sitting at home with a good book? 

Don’t get me wrong, I do own a car, buy clothes and like to go out occasionally but I realized spending time with a good book, meditating, enjoying the outdoors with friends and helping others are much more fulfilling than any materialistic thing I could ever buy.

My soul craves these silent moments. These moments where the outside world isn’t present. Where it doesn’t matter what you look like, which brand you wear or what fancy company you work for. Moments where only your true self matters, your kindness and your loyalty to your inner circle of family and friends. Those are the ones that matter the most, beside yourself. 

When the superficial impact of our society hits you hard and you feel like it is all too much, take a moment to breath and focus on your inner circle and your true self. 

Just breath and focus and maybe you‘ll be able to gain some new perspective on the hustle and bustle around you and you’ll realize that nothing is important enough to bother you.

 What matters most: your true self, your peace of mind and your freedom. 

Stay wild – stay gold

Photo by THE COLLAB. from Pexels

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