How to turn negative experiences into something positive?

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Yin and Yang – shadow and light – positive and negative – it all belongs to the circle of our life.

Our world consists of good and bad experiences and there will always be sunshine after the rain. Bad experiences, the betrayal of a loved one, being wronged or treated unkindly can really wreak havoc on our heart and soul. But those things often help us grow and evolve as hurtful as they are.

Believe me, I know firsthand how that feels. It hurts, you feel mad, sad and there is this inner voice that tells you to take revenge. You want to strike back full force, show no mercy and just hurt the ones who wronged you so badly.

But that doesn’t change a thing. It doesn’t magically right the wrong you experienced. It doesn’t help you at all.

And although you want to be mad, you want to rage and scream from the top of your lungs I beg you not to. Well, maybe scream a little, let it all out and then move on. 

Take all this energy you gathered inside because of the situation you’re in and put it into something useful. Something that lifts you up, create and build something positive. Put all your focus into achieving a goal you set for yourself. 

Not long ago I was confronted with a really bad situation with one of the companies I worked with. I wanted to tell them so badly that the decision they made will not only harm their companies success but will also put their employees at risk of losing their jobs because of the mistakes they are making could lead them straight into bankruptcy.

I tried to discuss the issue on a professional level but they just wouldn’t listen. They were insulting me on a personal level just to end this meeting. So instead of getting angry and striking back I decided that ultimately it is their mistake and their future and not mine. So I stepped back. For my own sanity I decided that it is better to part ways before the whole situation would become even worse and yes I took a hit financially. One that really did a number on me, but in the end all the money in the world could never outweigh my peace of mind and freedom of my soul and spirit.

It wasn`t easy. My trust in people and in my own discernment when choosing business partners and clients was pretty shaken up. If I am being honest it still is in certain situations. 

I am unsure about my decisions and my intuition because I don`t want to make a mistake and that is really kind of messed up. 

So I am working on my inner strength and focus on me instead of the behaviour of those around me. By focusing on yourself and your goals you regain your trust and your balance. Your self awareness and your confidence will increase. By increasing your own confidence and strength you will succeed in whatever you do. Put all your energy into your goals and focus on them and don`t let others discourage you by their behavior. There will be setbacks and failure and even people who maybe harm and hurt you out of envy or just plain carelessness. Don`t let them. 

Don`t let them put a damper on your spirit, energy and success. Instead take those experiences and make the most out of it. Take it as an opportunity to grow and thrive.

Surround yourself with positive people, with the dreamers and achievers. Search for those who have the same great energy you posses and leave the pessimists behind. Raise your spirit by being around the right tribe. The tribe that supports you and your goals. The kind of human beings that encourage your success and help you stay positive.

Stay wild – stay gold.

Foto von Hassan OUAJBIR von Pexels

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