What do people need?

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When I prepare classes and workshops, I often ask myself: „What do my students really need?“ 

I think about that a lot: “What do they really need? How is their mindset and emotional status quo when they show up on the mat? What was their day or week like?”

Because the message that I keep getting for quite some time is that less is more. Less pressure, less to-do’s, less appointments, less acrobatics and more basic asanas, more breathing, more time to just be, more solitude. 

I’ve seen what happens in my life when I do less of certain things- it creates more calmness, more awareness and more compassion. Hence I want to continue to cultivate more calmness, more awareness, more compassion in my life.

Since life is too precious, too beautiful, too short to allow fear and worries to take away your joy and happiness. Being in the present, being in each moment and living life consciously is the ultimate goal.

“So don`t worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.” 

(Matthew 6:34, the Bible). 

Although I am not a religious person per se this verse reminds me quite often to stay in the moment, to be present and embrace every day. Did you know that the Bible mentions phrases like “do not fear” and do not worry” over 200 times? I didn`t either until I read an article from Corey Allan about our fears in everyday life.

A good start to integrate ‚less is more‘ into your life, your mind and heart, is to simplify your routines. 

To clarify that aspect: You don`t have to constantly pressure yourself to learn something new, to increase your workload on a daily basis, to run faster every time you do cardio or exercise. Your asana practice doesn`t have to always rival the Cirque du Soleil.

Furthermore I want you to go back to the basics: Start breathing in Ujjayi, do your mobilization routine with gusto, enjoy some sun salutations. Flow through your warrior poses, be present, practice triangles and backbends and forward folds and take it easy from time to time. 

Remember when you first started. There was no pressure to end in a headstand, you did not have to float gracefully in crow pose variations. There were the warriors, the bends and folds and some triangles and chair poses. Thus your mind was at ease, your breathing in sync with your asanas, your heartbeat strong and steady.

And now take a moment to place your hand over your heart. Feel your heart beating underneath your hand. Notice the steadiness of your heartbeat. Feel your deep breathing and the relaxed state of your body, your muscles. Allow your shoulders to soften and tell yourself: „I am enough.“

“I am enough.”

Because my dear, you are absolutely enough. You are strong, you are kind, you are precious!

Stay wild – stay gold.”

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