Your one way ticket to nowhere: Stress!

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Did you know that feeling stressed has negative effects on your immune system and your health? 

So stop stressing yourself out! Easy solution, isn`t it? 

In the present situation a lot of us feel stressed, insecure and maybe even scared. Don`t we? Although I do understand all of those feelings I madly advice you to relax and be calm.

Because you will make yourself not only mentally but also physically sick. Your immune system will weaken and that will only harm you. So relax, take a deep breath and calm down.

What to do when the news on tv scare you and make you feel helpless? 

First, focus on the facts, listen to reliable sources and not the gossiping of laymen. 

Then boost your immune system:

Eat healthy. 

Stay hydrated. 

Get enough sleep.

Exercise regularly.

Meditate and do yoga.

Get a lot of fresh air.

Breath deeply.

Avoid alcohol, fast food and sugary beverages. They will do you no good.

In times like these it is tempting to get lazy, binge watch your favorite shows on tv. You crave fast food and sodas and sweets and it is completely fine to indulge once in a while. But don`t overdo it. In the end you will not only gain a lot of weight but your immune system will be weakened, too.

If you feel stressed out by people around you that make you feel unstable or even scared, avoid them. They won`t help you, quite the contrary. 

Stress kills your immune system and your good spirit. Fear consumes your mental well-being and your sanity. 

So don`t try to reason with those people, just cut them out of your life for good. Unfollow them on social media, stop reading their posts full of scary scenarios that aren`t even scientifically valid. Their doom and gloom mentality will not make you feel better, safer or more stable.

If that person is your mother, husband or best friend tell them that you don`t want to hear their crap any more. Make your own well-being yout top priority. Tell them that you support them one hundred percent if they feel overwhelmed or sad but without all the drama and unproven presumptions.

There is no doubt about the fact that the current situation affects us all. Our personal and professional lifes are flipped upside down. We don`t know what tommorrow brings. Everything is uncertain, right?

Guess what, that was also the case before the whole world got into crisis mode. There may have not been a deadly virus in the past but our false sense of security lured us into a false reality. And now is the time to realize that and adapt. Because you are strong, resilient and flexible. So make the most out of it and above all stay calm, collected and don`t stress yourself out. 

Stay healthy – stay safe.

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